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For the security, comfort and health of ALL of our guests, please Respect the following:             

NO PETS on premises in Rooms, Vehicles, kennels including friends visiting Guests.

NO SMOKING or Vaping in Rooms or on Patios, Please be at least 25 feet from buildings and in smoking areas

Please Do not clean fish or game any where on the premise

NO COOKING in rooms or on patios: other than the provided Micro Waves in the rooms....  Please use the outside kitchens provided for your convenience and Please No Charcoal          

  • $100.00 A DAY for each plus additional Cleaning fee & you may be asked to leave the premises without refunds immediately  

  •  $25 per day for plugging in Auto or Boat to charge without consent

  • Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to your time with us!


Check-in time is 12 pm. (Noon) However you can enter your room when it is cleaned and ready , ( We will do our best to have your room ready by no later than 4 PM ) check-out time is 10 am.. If other arrangements are needed, please ask our staff when you check-in.

1. Reservations made, for check-in dates that fall within 7 days or less shall be charged the full amount upon final confirmation with our office. Holidays and Derby's and other special events such as weddings, family reunions may be charged in full 30 in advance of check in date.


2. Reservations with check-in dates that fall outside of 31 days or greater MAY be charged a non refundable deposit of $35 per room, the full remaining balance and MAY be charged on the first day of the month of reservation or 30 days prior to the check-in date.

Holiday weekends may require a minimum of 2 or 3 days stay.

Special provisions may be required for those wanting to reserve more than 3 Rooms for the same time period.

EXCEPTIONS: Fish Derby's and special occasions. Total charged the day reservation is made. 30 days Cancellations may require a $35 per room non refundable Re-Booking fee.


The following is also agreed:

1 .Repairs or replacement costs of damages or theft incurred by you or your party found either in your Room or on the property during your stay with us will be charged to your credit card.

​2.  R Hideout and the Owners will not be responsible for personal damage, injury and or thief of any of the guests, and or property while staying at R Hideout.

3.  Fines for violations of rules such as Pet and Smoking etc will also be charged to your Credit Card we have on file for security while staying at R Hideout.

4.  Guests Agree NOT to give out Key Codes to Friends or others NOT Staying at R Hideout, especially for the purpose of allowing others to enter the rooms to Watch TV, enjoy the A/C  heaters and to shower.  Rooms are for the use of paying guests ONLY and not for friends or relatives staying in Camp Grounds or other facilities within the area.

Maid service: limited to garbage removal, simple pick up, clean towels after 3 days, new sheets after 4. Coffee favors, soaps etc will be refreshed each day.  Insurance regulations prohibit Cooking in rooms and or on Patios, other than provided micro waves.

Propane BBQ or stoves ( Please no Charcoal) Crook pots electric skillets etc. must be used at the provided outside kitchens.

Cancellation Policy:  

Please  call (435) 784-3999  WE DO NOT TEXT !

Cancellation(s) will only be accepted From the individual, who made the original reservation(s), with our offices.

NOTE : There is a 4% bank charge on the full amount collected  with a $20 Re-Booking fee or the $35 reservation fee if collected which ever is greater.



CANCELLATIONS less than 7 or 30 days: by 12pm (Noon) on check in date will NOT qualify for REFUNDS , you will be charged 100% of the full amount for time you reserved. 


DEPOSIT:    May be required for reservations made more than 7 days prior to check in.

NO RESERVATION DEPOSIT: if there are no deposits required Full payment will be processed approx. 7 days prior to check in date. Cancellations require a min of 7 days prior to check in.  4 rooms or more than 6 days with us and all Holidays and Derby's may be charged 30 days in advance. There will be no refunds on cancellations after the full payment is processed.

There will be no refunds or cancellations within 7 days or 30 days of check in




NOTE: Reservations of 3 or more cabins and/or HOLIDAY Weekends and special events such as fish derby's etc require a full 30 day notice of cancellation in order to qualify for any kind of refunds.


AFTER CHECK IN : No Cancellations or refunds on remaining nights that were


  1. No more than 2 rooms per individual per trip: too many times we have held rooms for months, last minute someone cancels and the 3rd party person that makes reservation demands a refund. This happens too many times so we have had to stick to this policy.


  2. When requesting multiple rooms with more than one date we have had to set a policy that you must request all dates by sending an e-mail requesting these dates: too many times we book these and all at once last minute changes are made on the exact dates we have listed. You can see this can be a problem especially during the season when we turn down requests because of holding these for weeks and months in advance.


  3. The persons staying in the specific rooms must be on file: Because we have had a 3rd party make reservations without informing the guests of our house rules. On several occasions had guests showing up with Dogs, smoke in our rooms and when the original reservation maker is confronted there has been altercations that we have become committed to avoid.


  4. More persons than were on the list show up at the last minute : We make a special effort to have the proper number of towels, pillows etc in the room for the exact number of guests that are expected with each reservation. We rent our rooms just to the persons requested originally, we do not rent them for the pleasure of a gust to invite others from KOA, swim beach or camp grounds to come in and enjoy the A/C, TV's and showers. We require the exact number of folks per room so we can be in keeping with fire codes and health and safety of ALL our Guests.


  5. Key less Door Codes : We do not have keys for the guests to enter rooms, all of the rooms have a key pad for key less entry. Because it is easy for someone to just pass around the codes we have learned NOT to give these codes out before the rooms are paid for and just to the individual guest in that particular room. That person has all the responsibility for the security and protection of the furniture etc within the room.


  6. We will NOT SUB RENT our rooms to individuals for re-renting, therefor I can NOT release the key codes to you as an individual, they must be release to the parties staying in the respective rooms on the dates reserved so that we know who is staying with us at the time.


  7. C. We can not participate in any package fishing and lodging programs without total disclosure on how and to what amounts are being charged to our guests by a third party.


  8. Contractual Agreements and Deposits maybe required for Multiple rooms and parties:



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