How is the best way to make a reservation at R Hideout ?

The best and fastest way is to call either (435) 784-3999 or (801) 824-2300 and speak with a live person. You can request a specific room and date while on line but this will NOT get you a confirmed reservation. You will still have to speak with someone to give payment information etc.

Full details go to POLICIES


Is there a deposit required to make a reservation ?

There may be a deposit required in order to make an advance reservation as determined by R Hideout.   Special events and Holidays and or weekends  may be either a deposit or full advance payment required.


Do Cabins have wireless internet?

There is WiFi throughout the entire project. You will find a code on a Welcome card inside your cabin.

If not contact us for the code.


How do I check into my Cabin if it is after hours?

All of our units have key-less entry, We ask that you call us when leaving home

so we can give you your door code and let you know when your cabin will be

clean and ready for you to take your belongings into the room.


Do Cabins have kitchenettes ?

There is NO cooking in any of our Cabins or on Patios, including CROCK POTS and Electric Grills  other than in the furnished Microwaves which are now in every Cabin including the Bunk House rooms.  Also a small refrigerator is furnished in each cabin.

There are 4 outside kitchens within the project specifically designed

for your cooking needs. Bring your Gas camp stove or BBQ, Please NO CHARCOAL,


Do any Cabins include pans, plates etc ?

There are NO grills, BBQ, utensils etc. other than the Microwaves & small Refrigerators in the suites and NOW including Bunk house rooms. Also a 4 cup coffee pots in each.


Do the units have outside fire pits or grills?

There is NOT a place for outside fires. We are within the Town limits, you can find

several campground areas in the sheep creek area, about 5 miles off Highway 44


What is the square footage of the cabins?

  1. Bunk House is one room at approx 280 sq ft

  2. King Suites are Living Rm and Bedroom Approx 480 sq ft

  3. Double bed Suites (6,7 & 8) Living Rm , Bed Approx 480sq ft

  4. Double Queen Suites (9 & 12) Living Rm , Bed Approx 600 Sq ft


What is the check in time and checkout time for the cabins?

Check in time is the first day of reservations and can be anytime of that day. We suggest you call

before you leave home while you have phone service and we can give you the key codes to your

room and at that time we can also give you an idea when your Room will be cleaned and ready for you

to move in.

Check out time is 10 AM If needed ask in advance to see if we can make special exceptions

IF you are not out by 12AM you will be charged for an additional Day.



What is the policy on Smoking?

There is absolutely NO Smoking, includes Cigars, Pipes and vapor units, in any of our Buildings Cabins & or Rooms. NO Smoking on Patios or within 25 feet of Buildings. Please ask about or look for Areas where smoking is allowed.

  • This may result in a $100.00 per Day Cleaning fee & may be asked to leave the premises immediately.


What is your Pet Policy?

We love our pets but because some don't want to be considerate of either other guests, property or their own pet............we have had to restrict our project from any and all pets on premise as well as left in Vehicles and or kennels over night.

We do Thank You for being considerate of others ! 

This may result in a $100.00 per Day Cleaning fee & may be asked to leave the premises immediately.


Can I clean fish in my Cabin ?

NO, Please do not clean fish or process game in rooms, on patios or any wheres in the entire project ................. This may result in a $100.00 per Day Cleaning fee & may be asked to leave the premises immediately.


Can I set up a tent or bring in an RV trailer outside my Cabin ?

Local regulations prohibit parking RV's and additional trailers within the R Hideout property. There are NO utility hook ups for such activity. R Hideout is NOT a campground and setting up tents etc is also not allowed.

Sleeping Bags and other sleeping quilts etc:  For Health considerations and the protection of other guests we can NOT allow any foreign  or other sleeping bags, cots or other quilts and or blankets other than your favorite pillow to be brought into our rooms.  There also can be no use of sleeping bags etc on patios or on the premise in any way.


Where do we go to eat ?

  1. Red Canyon Lodge 25 miles up on the mountain

  2. The Hub 2 miles east of Town towards the lake

  3. The Sinclair Grill just east of R Hideout

  4. Browning Cafe just across from the Sinclair

  5. The gorge, next door

  6. Lucerne Marina, the Grill

R Hideout is NOT affiliated with any of these and more information can be found

on: web site


How far is R Hideout From:

  1. Manila Airport 2 miles

  2. Shores of Flaming gorge 3 miles

  3. Wyoming Border (the Hub Bar and Grill ) 2 miles

  4. Lucerne Marina 7 miles

  5. Swim Beach 6.5 miles

  6. Sheep Creek 5 miles

  7. Sheep Creek Boat Ramp 7 miles

  8. Red Canyon Lodge 25 miles

  9. The Dam 40 miles

  10. Dutch John 45 miles

  11. Vernal 65 miles

  12. Rock Springs, Wyo 82.7 miles

  13. Green River, Wyo 47 miles

  14. Mt View Wyo 48.2 miles

  15. Salt Lake City 168 miles

  16. Denver, Colorado 395 miles


Can I rent a Boat or a slip at Marina ?

The various Marinas have boats and slips to rent you can find them on the area web site:


Where can I get a Fishing, Hunting & area Permits ?

Area permits can be obtained at the forest Service off ice on the corner of Hwy 43 & 44

Licenses can be purchased at the Local Market, Sinclair, and at Lucerne Marina. Fishing supplies etc can also be purchased as well.


What is there to do in the immediate area ?

Besides the obvious Boating, Fishing in the local lake, streams etc, Hiking, Bird watching and other such activities are very popular.

This is a very popular area for FAMILY REUNIONS as well. The Manila park with horse shoes, volley ball nets, BBQ's and the inside pavilion can be reserved by contacting the County office :


Is there an airport in the Flaming gorge area ?

There is an air port in the Manila area as well as in Dutch John, both will accommodate a small jet.

If you are planning to fly in to Manila area and are staying at R Hideout, we are happy to pick you up and accommodate you in transportation in the area. Call us at (435) 784-3999


Area road conditions:

Utah road conditions –

Wyoming road conditions – or 888-wyoroad


How is the Fishing ?  Where can I get a guide ?

The fishing is always good no matter what time of the year....the catching is sometimes not as good...GOOD LUCK !   On this web site go to  Events & Links to find Fishing guides


What is the Weather going to be like?


What if I need to cancel my reservation ?

Please review all conditions under policies



We hope this helps …... if you have other question please call us at (435) 784-3999